Velobike single speed adapter
Velobike single speed adapter
Velobike single speed adapter
Eddie Dawkins Stationary bike training guide

Turbo Trainer Single-Speed Adapter

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The turbo trainer single-speed adapter is a universal solution to fit your track bike onto any direct drive turbo trainer.

14 Reasons why you should use your track bike on your turbo trainer

The main difference between this single-speed adapter and the other fixed gear adapters that we manufacture for specific trainer models, is that this maintains a freewheel and does not lock up the trainer to a fixed gear configuration. The single-speed cog can fit onto any Shimano freehub body and the dropout extenders change the spacing from 130/135 down to 120 to suit a track bike.

5-6 extra chain links added to the chain will be required. We recommend having an extra few links of chain with a quick link to quickly extend its length.

If you already have a single-speed adaptor for a freehub, you can also purchase the dropout adaptors on their own.

Comes with complementary digital access to the Stationary Bike Training Guide by Olympic sprinter Eddie Dawkins — an access code will be sent in your parcel. 


  • Available with a 12t or 16t single speed sprocket

  • Compatible (almost) any direct drive trainer

  • Dropout adaptors to fit 120mm axle width (track bike dropout width)

  • 3/32 single speed cog (compatible with 1/8th chains) 

Compatible with the following direct drive trainers:

  • Wahoo Kickr (v1-v6)

  • Wahoo Kickr Core

  • Tacx Neo (Gen1, Neo2, Neo2T)

  • Tacx Flux (Gen1, FluxS, Flux2)

  • BT Erg

  • Lemond Rovolution

  • Revbox

  • Saris H3

  • Elite Direto

  • Elite Drivo

  • Elite Suito

  • Elite Zumo

  • JetBlack Volt

  • Kinetic R1

  • Minoura Kagura

  • and more.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
great for winter time training

Already used it for a few sessions and it has held up well. Shipping was super fast, wish there were some options to purchase different cogs on the website, maybe in the future!


This adapter is perfect. Sturdy and stable. Easy to setup. Love this!!! Killing it during training sessions! Love the card that was enclosed. Stickers were pretty cool. Thank you!!!!!

Scott C.

I always wanted to set up my track bike on the Tacx Neo2 to work on position and efforts when I cannot get to the track. Easy to set up following the instructions in the video and works perfectly. Changing gears is quick and easy. The quick link 5 links tip in the video is key. I can use slope and ERG to customize the work I am looking to get in.

Jesse C.
So Stoked

Thanks for the great products. Over the holidays I ordered the 130mm adapters and the axle upgrade kit for my Kickr. I was able to install and swap my roadie with my track bike in about 30 mins!