14 reasons why you should use your track bike on an indoor trainer

It isn’t always possible to ride on the track whenever you please. The cost of travel, track hire, or seasonal and weather conditions can mean you need to find another way to maintain your training rhythm. Home-based stationary trainers mean you can ride any time you desire from the comfort of your own space. They can also ensure you can continue to enhance your power output, speed endurance and general performance on the track bike.

1. Use the same equipment as you would ride on the track.

Training on your track bike ensures you are using the same equipment that you would be racing on. Training on your road bike as a track cyclist is like a racing driver practicing in a BMW, when they are actually to race a Ferrari. Those marginal gains are made when you are most familiar with the equipment you will be racing with.

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2. Fine tune your muscle memory to your bike.

Maintaining the same bike geometry is crucial to train muscle memory for those marginal gains. Nothing beats time on the track bike. Track bikes generally have higher bottom brackets, a lower drop between the saddle and bars, narrower handlebars and a longer reach than a road bike. Training with these differences will make riding your track bike feel as natural as possible. When the more aggressive geometry of your track bike becomes the new natural, you can begin to make aerodynamic improvements to your road bike such as having a longer reach or using narrower bars to reduce your aerodynamic drag without compromising your aerobic endurance. 

3. Measure and analyse your performance over time.

Smart trainers make measuring your progress easy and accurate. You can digitally record PB power outputs and duration’s without the variables of the outdoors. You can compare these records to track how much stronger you are getting.

4. Be productive between efforts.

Training at home means you are closer to all the things in your life - Including the kitchen sink. Between efforts, you can make some lunch, do the vacuuming, read a bedtime story to the kids or finish off your homework all while you are becoming a faster track cyclist.

5. Eliminate the variables in your training.

Training in the same location using the same equipment and without changing climate and weather conditions make your performance analysis of greater accuracy.

6. Train when it suits you.

Having your track bike setup at home means you can train whenever you want. Get out of bed in the morning to spin a few laps, have a lunch break workout… can’t sleep? Go for a midnight pedal in your pajamas.

Image credit: Anthony Brown

7. Train in all weather conditions.

Nothings stopping you from going out for a road ride in the rain, but outdoor velodromes can be dangerously slippery when wet. Why risk it when you can train in the comfort of your home.

8. Monitor and adjust your bike position and posture.

Having your track bike set up on a stationary trainer means you can photograph and video your posture on the bike. You can slow down the footage to analyse your pedal stroke, knee pronation and aero position on your track bike while you’re riding.  

9. Improve your pedaling technique.

With the data collection and analysis capabilities of smart trainers, you can measure and visualise the power output of each pedal stroke. In combination with videoing your pedaling action, you can slo-mo the footage to refine your pedaling technique.

10. Train with your mates.

Although you may be training away from your mates, there are groups of individuals who train together via video sharing software such as Zoom or Skype. The structure of having set times to train will help with your motivation. Ask on your go-to track cycling Facebook group.

11. It's safer than riding down the street.

Taking your track bike out onto the streets for some training can be somewhat sketchy. Even with a long runoff you never know when a car door might open in front of you, or a dog will run across the road. Without brakes, you have less control to avoid any unforeseen events.

12. You're able to use aero bars for pursuit or time trial training. 

If training for a pursuit you can set your track bike up in your full aero position and in the gear you would be using for the event. 

13. Test how variables impact your performance.

The stationary set up allows you to apply the scientific method to your how you may set up your bike. The smart trainer’s power analytics in combination with a crank bases power meter means that you can measure your input and output power. By changing equipment and analysing the results, you can measure the marginal gains in drive train efficiency.

14. You'll receive the ‘Dawkins Stationary Bike Training Guide’.

With every Velobike track adaptor, you receive a complimentary copy of Eddie Dawkins’ training manual for off-track training valued at $99 NZD. Over 12 weeks you will refine your power output, strength, endurance and race preparation training leading up to a big event.

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