Our story

Providing an Olympic level experience for performance driven track cyclists.

We are leading experts in the track cycling industry  making measurable improvements to riding performance and experience through design and innovation.

Velobike exists to empower everyone with access to world class equipment, building a bridge between professional teams and athletes, with mainstream riders..

Our curiosity and out-of-the-box thinking towards solving traditionally unrecognised problems sets us apart from some of the larger players in the cycling industry. Our exclusive focus and in depth knowledge in the niche cycling discipline cements Velobike as experts in the field of track cycling innovation.

Velobikes visual identity represents a future facing perspective, taking inspiration from civilisation, industrial design and vehicles in science fiction. A form follows function aesthetic is clear. No stone is left unturned to maximise performance and user experience of the products for their intended purpose. The aesthetic of the equipment we develop is often driven by aerodynamics and ergonomic fit. 

Velobikes curiosity into experimental, performance and experience focused innovation lead us to engage with the track cycling community on a day to day basis on a personal and approachable level. 

Lead by head designer Glenn Catchpole, Velobike is passionate about growing the track cycling community, providing access to equipment, and collectively sharing insights to empower current, and the next generation of athletes who will shape the future of the sport.

Our transparent and collaborative innovation philosophy means that we’re always talking with our audience on social media channels. We have built many great working friendships with teams, athletes, coaches, mechanics and businesses who provide feedback and insights in their experiences so that we are able to develop new equipment that solves their problems and develop new technology for track cyclists around the world.

To stay up to date on our innovation journey, make sure to follow us on our social media channels Instagram and Facebook.

 Valerie and Glenn