Velobike Steerer Tube Extender
Velobike Steerer tube extender
Velobike Steerer Tube Extender
Velobike Steerer Tube Extender
Velobike Steerer Tube Extender
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Steerer Tube Extender

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Ever had trouble fitting a new stem to a fork only to find that the steerer tube is now too short? The Velobike steerer tube extender raises the height of your steerer by up to 18mm. Precision machined from aluminum, the light weight extender means you no longer have to purchase a new fork for your frameset. 

Note: When using the longer 15mm and 18mm extenders, you may require a longer top cap bolt. Standard bolts are normally 30mm long. We sell top caps with a longer 40mm titanium bolt for the steerer tube extenders.  



  • 10mm, 15mm and 18mm extension heights available

  • 50mm deep expansion plug

  • Standard M6 insert thread for stem top caps

  • Suitable for aluminium and carbon steerer tubes

  • Hard anodised black
  • 6061-T6 aluminium

  • Fits 1 ⅛ (1.125” / 28.5mm) steerer tubes

  • Tighten up to 6N/m

  • We recommend to epoxy bond them into your steerer tube for best security

  • Weight: 10mm62g, 15mm67g, 18mm71g

  • Will this fit any bike? The extender can be fitted to any bike with a standard 1 ⅛ steerer tube. This includes many modern road or mountain bikes.

  • Is it strong? Yes, This type of expansion plug system is common for steerer tube and headset assemblies. We have opted for a longer 50mm knurled plug for the extra security and stiffness. Most headset plugs are around 30mm. we recommend the extender to be epoxy bonded into the steerer for best security.

  • What epoxy do use for install?
    A medium/high strength two part epoxy from a hardware store is suitable. Smear a few dabs on each of the three aluminium knurled surfaces before install. This increases the surface friction between the extender and the steerer tube.

  • How do I remove it - if its glued in?
    If it's required to remove the extender in the future, use the epoxy sparingly. Disassemble the extender, then each of the three blocks can be knocked out without damaging the carbon within the steerer tube.

  • Can you make the extension longer than 18mm? In theory yes it is possible to make them longer, however, for safety reasons we have set the maximum height at 18mm. We suggest you have at least half of your stem clamping around your original steerer tube. 

  • The extender is too large in diameter to fit inside my steerer tube. Every steerer tube can be have different internal dimensions - especially carbon ones where the internal dimensions are variable. We have designed the extender to have a tighter tolerance fit into most steerer tubes than your standard headset expansion plug for safety and security. Prior to purchasing, measure the inside diameter of your steerer tube. If it measures any smaller than 22.50mm, you may need to sand some material out. This intersection zone between the steerer tube and extender is only 3mm deep, so not very much material will need to be removed from the inner edge of your steerer tube. If in doubt, ask your local bike shop for assistance.

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Customer Reviews

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Aldrich G.
Perfect Solution

The steerer tube extender worked perfectly and feels solid. Saved be from buying a new mismatched colored fork. A perfect solution when buying a preowned bike.

A real note on steerer tube extender

I changed my track frame and got a new one with a very short fork steerer tube. The handle bar was so low I could not even breath properly. It was at least USD $ 400 american dollars for a new carbon fork. Then I found this fork steerer tube extender and it saved my life. I was able to rise my handlebar 2 cm. (almost one inch) and ride in a much more comfortable position at a minimum cost. Thank you very much velobike team for such an excellent product !!

Paweł W.
Need a longer tube?

Need a longer tube? This one is for you. You can really feel that 10, 15 or even 18 mm, it's tight and sturdy. In one word it is PERFECT.

Klaus O.
Great product

Bought a second hand S Works Venge with a short cut steerer, and this has let me get a more appropriate position. Such a good innovation, and one that feels sturdy. Cheers.