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Velobike Aero Socks
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Aero Socks

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Maximise efficiency and speed with Velobike Aero Socks.

We developed these Aero Socks with track cyclists in mind.

Many other aero socks on the market are much narrower and have mediocre grip strips for holding them in place. Out of the box they may work well, but over time the material relaxes and the grip strips can deteriorate letting the socks fall down. 

Velobike Aero Socks are well suited for track cyclists and especially with riders with larger calves. The ribbed material works as a trip strip - reducing flow separation around the leg, while offering superior stretch for both small and larger legs. The dual grip strips provide a secure hold without them falling down. 


  • Double band non-slip silicone grip strip
  • Available in black or white
  • Knit lower, ribbed elastomeric polyurethane upper
  • Seam on rear to simulate an extended leg profile to help with reducing tubulant air around the rear of the leg.
  • One size fits all
    • EU size 39-46
    • US Size 7-12
    • Suitable for foot length 24-28cm

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