Product in Development #2

With the development and user testing of the LeMond Revolution Fixed Gear Adapter in full swing, we have our attention towards our next product innovation.

The LeMond direct drive trainer is tried and tested. It has been one of the leading wind trainers on the market, yet, is dated technology. My belief is that the market preference has moved onto other trainers with built-in smarts such as the Wahoo Kickr or the Tacx Neo. These smart trainers connect with Virtual reality simulators like Zwift, which makes them very desirable in today's market.

Upon undertaking some research on a local bicycle sales Facebook page, the theory that the market is after these smart trainers were confirmed. Of the 54 individuals who responded stating they ride indoor direct drive trainers, 41% stated they ride the Wahoo Kickr. followed by another 41% on either the Tacx Flux and Neo. Only 6% rode the LeMond.

As far as my research online has gone, I have not yet come across anyone who has set up their track bike on any of the more modern smart trainers.

My next product innovation is to fill this gap in the market. We will be after user testers to test and provide feedback on the adaptor in Beta form. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you are interested in being one of the first in the world to ride your track bike on a direct drive smart trainer.

Stay tuned for updates.

Beta concept design for a Wahoo Kickr and Tacx fixed gear adaptor. We have since launched fixed-gear adapters for many more trainers, including Wahoo and Tacx. Check out our full range.

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