Velobike Campagnolo Axles
Velobike Campagnolo Axle front
Velobike Campagnolo Axle rear
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Campagnolo Ghibli Axles

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Upgraded axles for the Campagnolo Ghibli wheels - developed in collaboration with the Danish federation and Dan Bigham for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. These axle assemblies helped the team achieve numerous Olympic medals.

These are aftermarket axles that improves the aerodynamics, strength and universality of the Campagnolo Ghibli wheels. 

The axle kit replaces the stock Campagnolo axle with a stiffer and stronger axle assembly based on the Mavic axle system and Metric thread standards. 

New rear M10 axle nuts will be required. The factory Campagnolo nuts use an Italian thread pitch that are not compatible with the new axle ends. We recommend purchasing a pair of Runwell Elite Axle nuts.

The rear axle is compatible with the Mavic Comete Chain Tensioner - an innovative integrated chain tensioning system is built into the drive-side rear axle end. The thumb screw can be removed if the user doesn't wish to use the tensioning feature. This component is sold separately.


  • 7075-T6 Axle Shafts
  • Black Chromed Steel axle ends
  • Stainless Steel fastening
  • Front 100mm Axle Width
  • Rear 120mm Axle width

What comes with the set:


  • 1x Velobike Campagnolo axle (Front)
  • 2x Velobike axle ends (Front)
  • 2x Velobike axle end screws


  • Velobike Campagnolo axle (Rear)
  • 2x Velobike axle ends (Rear)

Items you will need:


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Missy S.
    Works Great

    Install was easy, looks great, feels great.

    Will W.
    Front & Rear axles work great

    I got one of the 1st batch Of the 2nd generation of Velobike’s axles. First of all, the replacement is ridiculously easy. Shockingly actually. I had the diagram from my Campy owners manual but figured it looked simpler than it was in real life. Nope, just a 14 & 19mm cone wrench is all that’s needed. I was most interested the front for the aero aspects, & it doesn’t disappoint. It’s as aero as it can possibly get. The rear is definitely more stout than the OEM axle. Also, on my frame I have built in chain tensioners which I rely on. It’s nice that the portion of the axle nubs that sit inside the dropouts are smooth. Small detail but the tensioner screws push against a smooth surface rather than axle threads. Lastly, & the axle kits allow the discs to be packed in a narrower space due to the compact front bolts & the fact that the rear axle nubs can be removed. Flying with a bike is a pain, and being able to narrow the 120mm axles makes a difference in a bike case. Marginal gains 😉

    Jim S.
    Problem solvers

    I'm sure there is a story as to why these axles were created and hopefully Glenn will divulge all in the blog one day. For me, my rear Ghibli is an amazing wheel. Strong, light and genuinely faster than my previous discs. But when it came to bolting it in, well, it sucks. The axle tends to turn as you tighten the wheel nuts and I ended up having to use a cone spanner to hold it. The result was that I was never truly confident it could hold during hard starts and I used chain tensioners for extra peace of mind. Not a big deal but more farting around and stress at comps that I don't need. When I saw these axles I realized Velobike had solved this problem for me. They are super easy to fit. The machining tolerances and threads are flawless. The new gen Mavic ends (sourced from Gear Brisbane) are solid and the Runwell nuts have more contact area for a more secure fit. The design of the integrated tensioner means no more axle spin and the whole thing bolts up stronger and faster. I am now 100% confident I won't pull the wheel or strip the axle threads. One less thing to worry about on race day.