Gear Calculator

Calculate gears and time estimations from your speed and cadence.

Understand flying 200m estimates, lap times, event times, and average lap pacing for events.

The calculator calculates outputs from inputs (pink) such as your chainring and cog sizes, average speed, or cadence.

Use the calculator by changing inputs (pink) which calculates corresponding outputs.

For example, if you can enter "50" in kph, adjust the gears to understand how cadence changes. Alternatively, you can enter your gear information, then change the rpm to see how fast you would need to spin to hit your target time for a flying 200, a standing start, a kilo or a pursuit.

The calculator allows you to enter a time for Starting Lap to estimate times and splits for multi-lap events. The time for the event is the starting lap time you enter plus the time for the rest of the laps ridden at the pace - calculated from the section above.


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Troubleshooting for technical issues:

  1. If the calculator does not run, refresh your web browser and try again.

  2. The calculator may not work on some unsupported web browsers. We recommend Google Chrome.

You can find the original calculator at Track Star Calculator.

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