Velobike Update - December 2022

What a heated final battle at the UCI Track Champions League! literally coming down to the last race across the disciplines with multiple riders in contention in taking out the leaders jerseys.

We had the honor of having Matty Richo from Australia and Mark Stewart from Scotland onboard representing the brand on the world's stage. I lost count of all the Velobike equipment being used over the series haha.

2023 UCI Rules
The 2023 UCI ruleset is now live! There's a big shakeup leading up to the Paris Olympic season. Rules are relaxing somewhat which should lead to some pretty innovative technology being released next year.

Over the last 12 months we have been involved in the industry working group - providing feedback and insights towards the rule proposals. The process, albeit quite rushed, was very considerate and receptive towards the industry's feedback which is quite a foreign concept that the UCI isn't often known for. As with any large decision like this, any new ruleset change won't make everyone happy, and there are some compromises made, but it is a step in the right direction. 

Velobike UCI Rules Handlebar Reach
Velobike Handlebar width UCI rules

We have new Chainring and sprocket packaging! Based on some feedback from a couple of our retailers, there was demand to invest in a packaging upgrade. 
We developed these custom transparent zip-locked pouches to not only display the products better, but for the end user to protect and store their equipment when it's not in use. 

The goal with the new packaging was to make a high quality solution that adds value to the product in the retail context. I'm a strong advocate for product sustainability, so making a plastic packaging system was not an easy decision to make. The sleeves are intended to be reused rather than discarded - effectively increasing the life of the packaging from being a throwaway item, while protecting the goods inside and adding value to the user experience.



A relatively small Velobike update this month. Plenty busy at VB HQ, hastily working away on some awesome projects which we'll be able to show you next year! 

Have a great holiday season!
Ride fast  turn left,

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