Stationary Bike Training Manual

We have teamed up with Eddie Dawkins to bring you the ultimate indoor training manual.


It has been a crazy couple weeks since we released the manual and the feedback from the riders has been outstanding! Many of them have noted that they have increased their maximum power output by more than 10% in a couple of weeks into the program. With the limitations of track availability, work commitments and family life this manual has given the athletes using it more structure and freedom to create their own programs and do  so that compliments their lifestyles and commitments

Over 12 Weeks you will be refining your power output, strength, endurance and race preparation training leading up to a big event.

The guide covers:

  • Standing starts

  • Maximum power

  • Sustaining your power

  • Strength Endurance

  • Maximum Speed

  • Speed Endurance

The guide comes complimentary with any of our fixed gear track adaptors, or can be purchased from Eddie himself for $99 NZD.

A version for training on a Wattbike is also available

For more information or to purchase the guide, contact:


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