Product in Development #6

It is our pleasure to announce that the Velobike Wahoo Kickr Fixed Gear Adaptor for the 4th generation (2018) model is ready for manufacturing. You can now order them now.

We have undergone months of development to get to this point -- testing and refining prototypes to ensure the product withstands high power outputs from track riders.

The adaptor replaces the freehub body and engages the large pully spline in 24 places - ensuring a solid and lossless transfer of power. The adaptor has standard cog and lockring threads to use your choice of sprockets.

A major consideration in developing an adaptor for the Kickr 4 was to narrow the Kickrs’ axle width from 130mm to 120mm to suit a track bike. Unlike the kickr 1 and 2 models (2014/2016), the newer model kickr trainers have a larger diameter axle for mounting bikes with through axles. This means that we can no longer slide the track bike dropouts over the existing axle. Our solution was to develop a dropout mount to fix the bike in front of the existing axle at the correct axle width (see images below).

4 bolts (2 on each side) securely lock the bike in place. The horizontal dropouts work as normal to adjust chain tension. As the distance between the rear cog and chainring is increased with the dropout adaptors, a smaller front chainring may be used to increase the slack, or the chain will require a few extra links. Our recommendation is to use a second longer chain with a quick link to easily change between riding the Kickr and a standard wheel.

The process of changing chains is a pain point in the set-up. However, this opens up opportunities for future innovation. We are exploring solutions to make chain removal easier such as developing our own quick-release links or an easily adjustable chain that may have other applications outside of this issue. 

Over the coming weeks, We will continue to update you on our progress, and release detailed set-up instructions

We are excited to hear your thoughts!


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