Paris 2024 Tech Release: Track Strap Mounts

At Velobike, we understand the challenges track sprinters face, whether they're racing or training. We're excited to introduce our latest innovation, the Track Strap Mounts, designed to simplify and enhance the track sprinters experience. Our product eliminates the need for zip ties, making it easier and safer than ever to attach your track straps.

Our design philosophy centres around usability. We believe that products should be designed with people in mind, considering not only their needs but also their habits. We've noticed that many athletes frequently install and remove their track straps based on the type of racing or training they're doing. Our Track Strap Mounts aim to make this process as smooth and effortless as possible, while also enhancing your overall cycling experience.

The Track Strap Mounts feature a clamping system that attaches directly to your pedals. This dual fastening system allows for quick installation and removal of the straps. Built with precision, these mounts are CNC machined from a high grade aluminium and stainless steel hardware. They're specifically designed to fit snugly onto Shimano Dura-Ace Pedals (PD-R9100) and are optimised to work with Velobike Track Straps.

The Track Strap Mounts bring safety to the forefront. Traditional zip tie systems can snap spontaneously and damage pedals over time, posing a risk to cyclists. Our product eliminates this risk, providing a more secure and reliable solution. The mounts ensure your feet are securely fastened to your pedals, increasing power transfer and eliminating pedal pull, particularly on the upstroke.

The creation of the Track Strap Mounts involved a blend of advanced technology and meticulous testing. We started by 3D scanning a Shimano Dura Ace pedal to design the perfect clamping interface. The design went through six iterations of machining and testing to refine and finalise the product. This rigorous process underscores our commitment to delivering high-quality, reliable products to our customers.


Installing the Track Strap Mounts is a breeze. Simply clamp the outer and inner block onto the pedal, align the strap over the mount, and secure it with the supplied screws. We recommend using Loctite 243 on the fastenings for added security. Detailed installation instructions can be found on our website.

The Track Strap Mounts exemplify our commitment to enhancing the cycling experience for professional and high-level amateur track cyclists. We envision athletes leaving these mounts on their pedals and attaching or removing the straps as needed. Let us know below in the comments what model of pedal you're interested in a similar solution for.


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