Wahoo Kickr Fixed Gear Adaptor

Convert your Generation 2 (2016) Wahoo Kicker direct-drive trainer to accept a fixed gear bike. Simply remove the cassette and freehub, and bolt on the fixed gear adaptor.

Currently being used by Olympic Champion Sprinter Eddie Dawkins

We are in development of an adapter for the newer model Wahoo Kickr Trainers and the Tacx smart trainers, these will be released at a later date.

International shipping available.

$320 NZD


  • Compatible with 2016 generation Wahoo Kickr trainers.

  • 120mm axle width (track bike dropout width)

  • Standard cog and lock-ring threads

  • 7075 Aluminium

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My Clients have been riding it and they love it!

- NZ based Coach


A big thanks for an awesome product! The fit to the Kickr is perfect, and the chainline spot on (lovely smooth running chain); I’m able to use my actual track bike to practice basically full gas gate starts (front wheel up against a plyo box up against the wall, but it feels completely solid in the Kickr and stable even under big efforts!) , and realistic efforts for everything else (using it with Kickr’s Erg mode is awesome!); great product well done.

- USA based Masters Track Cyclist


It is awesome! Still recovering from an effort this morning. Such a mean set-up.

- NZ based track sprinter


Can't recommend it highly enough! This product has been a long time coming

- USA based rider

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