Chainring Size Gauge

Chainring Size Gauge

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Have you ever wondered what is the largest size chainring that will fit on your track bike?

We get asked this question a lot. The short answer is that the only way to tell is to test it out. Even two identical frames may allow for different sizes of chainrings. 

We developed this handy tool to do just that. Each tooth on the gauge represents a different size chainring from 49 to 70 teeth.

How to measure:

  1. Bolt the gauge onto your crank
  2. Rotate the crank to observe tooth clearances with the frames chainstay
  3. Identify the optimum size chainring for your setup.
  4. Chainring or bottom bracket spacers may be used to offset the chainline to increase the chainring clearance.


  • 49 to 70 teeth
  • Made from PE plastic
  • Gloss black 
  • Note: this is a sizing tool only, it is not designed to interface with a chain


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