Carbon Fiber Track Chainring

Carbon Fiber Track Chainring

from 285.00

Lighter and stiffer than their aluminium cousin, you’ll notice the difference riding a carbon fiber chainring. Each is custom designed and machined for great performance.


  • 144 bcd

  • 1/8th Chain (3/32 available on request)

  • CNC fabricated

  • Aerodynamic ‘dinner plate’ form

  • Designed in New Zealand

If the size you’re after is popular, it might not be in stock. Instead, please place your order on the Custom Chainrings product page; they’ll arrive at your address within 8 weeks.

Custom sizes available on request.

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Been riding one for a few weeks now. It makes my bike so much lighter, you can really feel the difference. No problems with high power efforts.

What gear ratios can you achieve?


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