Terms and conditions relating to preorder and backorder items

Velobike is regularly creating new products for track cyclists around the world. As we’re a start-up business, that means we sometimes have backorder and preorder items available for purchase.

What backorder means

Backorder means an item we offer is out of stock. You’re buying an item before we have manufactured it.

What preorder means

Pre-order means we’re releasing a brand new product. You’re buying this item before we have manufactured it and/or before it’s official release.

General terms and conditions

Estimated timeframes are clearly indicated on the product page. Purchasing means you agree with these estimated timeframes. Please manage your expectations when it comes to estimated timeframes.

You’ll pay for the item in full when you place your order on the website.

If we can’t fulfil the product in the timeframe stated on the product page at the time of your purchase, we will contact you via email as soon as we become aware of the delay. Our new estimated timeframe will be provided. You will have the option of:

  • continuing to wait for the product, or

  • asking for a full refund of what you paid (including shipping costs).

If one order includes a combination of in-stock and pre-order/back-order items.

Orders that include backorder and/or preorder items will be shipped as one package when the backorder and/or preorder item is ready to ship. If time is of the essence, contact us after your order and we can organise additional shipping costs together.


If you have any questions regarding preorder and backorder terms, email us at glenn@velobike.co.nz.