Our Story


Velobike’s philosophy is to push innovation in track cycling. With a big vision, we aim to design, develop, manufacture and revolutionise new track cycling technology for riders around the world.

Our process begins with riders. We listen to the needs and struggles of riders from beginners, through to national teams and coaches. Our insights lead to product concepts which we test and refine before manufacturing in scale.


Our Story

Glenn began track cycling as student studying industrial design in Wellington New Zealand. His passion for track and his design and engineering background led him to experiment making his own equipment. Glenn now works as an industrial designer for Indemic developing new and innovative products for clients around the world. Check out Indemic’s website here: www.indemic.co.nz

Velobike (run within Indemic’s facilities) is located in an old toy and bicycle factory in Taranaki. The machinery is purposefully set up for local manufacturing and distribution.

Indemic Tool Room