Bicycle Designs, Visualisations, and Projects

Velobike One-10

One-10 Sprint Bike

In response to the devastating news that the UCI governing body is tightening the rules, our development of the One-10 Sprint Bike utilises advanced low friction technology for optimum power output and aerodynamic analysis through digital simulations.

More information available soon…

Cinelli Laser

Keith Haring Cinelli Laser

The Cinelli Laser has got to be the most iconic bicycle in the world. None more as iconic as Keith Haring’s laser from 1987.

One-10 Speed Bike

This bike has one purpose - to go fast. Velobike custom made a 110 tooth chain ring with the aim of establishing a New Zealand human powered land speed record.


Deco Pursuit

Deco Pursuit

110 Cycles present the Deco Pursuit - A track bike is inspired by the 1930's design movement. Motifs are inspired by the architecture and product design of the period.

Bike Re-Loving Project

Every day thousands of bicycles are thrown away. Velobike transforms rusty, dusty or just plain broken bicycles destined for the landfill into useful rides once again.