Product in Development #3


The UCI rules regarding cycle computers state that they must be out of view from the rider. A common place to mount computers on track bikes is under the seat. The computer is out of the way, close enough to the Bluetooth sensors to read the data, and in a fairly sheltered spot from extra air resistance.

Garmin Saddle Mount

Garmin Edge cycle computers are one of the more popular ones out there on the market. The range all feature the same locking mechanism, making their products all work as part of a system.

This mount design features two tapered channels that wedge between the rails on the back of your saddle. It is held in place with a couple of zip ties. The computer is nicely tucked up out of view and away from interference with your legs.

In the near future, we will be developing mounts for other computers such as the SRM, and Wahoo ranges.

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Garmin Saddle Mount
Glenn Catchpole